Teach Your Way to Wealth

Teach Your Way to Wealth. A unique and valuable resource for prospective and practicing educators. There has never been a book like it, written by a school finance expert specifically for this audience. It’s a comprehensive approach to improving the financial life of teachers.

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Ohio School Finance Blue Book

Ohio School Finance Blue Book This book provides an easy to understand basic explanation of the Ohio school finance system. The Blue Book is updated every two years with each new legislative budget cycle to keep all information current. For over 40 years, this book has been the standard introduction and guide to the Ohio school finance system

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The Handbook of Collective Bargaining in Ohio Schools

The Handbook of Collective Bargaining in Ohio Schools. This book takes the reader from preparing for negotiations to administering the agreement. The author has negotiated dozens of collective bargaining contracts with various school employee groups. The dynamics and processes are universal and are present in most bargaining situations.


Local Politics for School Leaders

Local Politics for School Leaders. Part 1
presents a guiding philosophy and consistent supporting practices which will turn your school organization into a powerful political force, winning public support for local school leaders and the school system. Part 2 presents critical tasks, supported by effective sample materials, which will help win school financial elections.


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